Who we are

Often hidden behind loved products there is a long story, a tale that when read allows you to appreciate a flavour, a perfume, a high quality in an even more sincere way.

And Crastan has a great story behind it.

Part of your coffee breaks since 1870

It all started in 1870, when Luzio Crastan, Swiss businessman, had a big and revolutionary intuition: to provide everyone with a valid and interesting alternative to coffee.

In this way his first laboratory dedicated to the creation of flavoursome, at the time chicory-based, coffee alternatives was born in Pontedera.

The peculiarity of his products, the original flavour and unique aroma, immediately started to become part of the habits of Italian people, allowing the three children Felice, Niccolo and Guglielmo to widen the range at the start of the 1900s (CAFFEOL, OLANDESE FAGO, MORETTO).

And as is well known, success allows you to do great things.

It is in this way in 1960 the typical chicory was substituted by barley, a cereal that when toasted releases a simple and genuine perfume and flavour.

In this way, Crastan succeeded in another great undertaking: transforming barley from a simple substitute into a real healthy and tasty alternative, also suitable for children.

Think about Orzo Pupo barley drink, one of the emblem products of our story and which still today adds to the joy of an Italian family breakfast (and not only).

And there is much more…

For example, in 1982 Crastan started its first Spray-Drying solubilisation tower, thanks to which launched the new instant products. Or in 1991, before everyone, Crastan entered into the organic world, focussing the attention, in times when no one did so yet, on the health of those who love its products and the environment. Or in 1992, the year in which the much-loved Orzo&Caffe (Barley & Coffee) was launched, still one of the much-appreciated products today.

But the desire to innovate continues every day.

After the Barley & Coffee many other celebrated products were created, such as the Instant Cappuccino and the Ginseng-based products.

The latest born is the Organic Chicory Coffee, a coffee substitute rich in properties.

Along with this we are starting an important process to make all of our range of canned organic products completely recyclable.

Today, as always, Crastan brings the best coffee alternatives to your home, putting the selection of raw materials, the flavour and the high quality first: this to make each of your coffee breaks an authentic and pleasing moment you will definitely want to repeat.

And now that you know our story, nothing remains but to discover how we encase the authentic and genuine flavour of simplicity in our products: The Production Process.