Unsweetened Instant Decaffeinated Cappuccino

Ingredients: Skimmed milk powder (43.1%), glucose syrup, instant decaffeinated coffee (14%), non-hydrogenated vegetable fats (coconut), stabiliser: sodium phosphate. Gluten free.
Format: 150g Polylaminate can
EAN Code: 8007100054263

Cappuccino is liked by many, but sometimes the presence of caffeine does not make it suitable for everyone. With our Unsweetened Instant Decaffeinated Cappuccino, you can allow your whole family to enjoy the pleasure of the best selected decaffeinated coffees and the creaminess of a latte. All enriched by a soft and light foam.

  • Without hydrogenated fats
  • To sweeten to your taste
  • Perfect foam
  • Gluten free


Would you like to try the unique flavour of our Unsweetened Instant Decaffeinated Cappuccino?
It is very easy to do so.

  1. Put 2 measures of the product (a measure is included inside the can) into a cup.
  2. Stir in 140 ml of hot (but not boiling) water or milk and add sugar to taste.
  3. If you have a bigger cup, then use 3 measures and 210 ml of hot water or milk.
  4. Also great to prepare iced shaken Cappuccino: put 3 measures into a shaker, together with 200ml of water or milk, sugar and ice. Shake and enjoy!