Thick Chocolate Drink

Ingredients: Sugar, fat-reduced cocoa, corn starch, salt, flavour. May contain traces of milk and soya.
EAN Code: 80071000709228


Sometimes it takes very little to taste a unique and precious aroma. With our Thick Chocolate Drink, you can have the secret ingredient of many of your creations in your store cupboard, ready to be used whenever you need an intense and enveloping flavour and aroma. Our cocoa is obtained from selected cocoa beans, chosen for their precious characteristics.

  • Gluten free
  • Already sweetened
  • Selected cocoa


Try a cup of hot chocolate with our Thick Chocolate Drink:

  1. Empty one bag into a small pot.
  2. Add a cup of milk (125ml) while stirring.
  3. Slowly bring to the boil continuing to stir.