Our barley

There is a raw material that best expresses the soul of Crastan: barley.

We have always selected the best Italian varieties and to trace the entire chain we only enter into sowing contracts with certified farms.

Immersed in the hilly regions of Italy are the precious fields where our barley grows, ripened in the sun and lulled by the gentle hillside breeze.

With care and after attentive checks we gather the ears, which are cleaned to obtain the precious grains of barley.

It is here that their journey begins, a journey that brings the authenticity of the cereal to your most relaxing coffee breaks.

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For those who love the toasted flavour and the perfume of our barley-based coffee alternatives, we have great news: barley also possesses many must-know properties.

A pleasure suitable for all ages
Did you know that barley doesn’t contain caffeine? And do you know what this means? That it is suitable for everyone, from the youngest to the eldest. Barley is a daily pleasure, for all.

Flavoursome even if you are pregnant
Barley, both instant or ground, can be enjoyed also by pregnant women, with no negative effects to her or to the baby.

You can use it where and when you want
If you have always used natural barley you should know that you really can do a lot of things with it: you can embellish it with a little milk foam, cream and many other ingredients. What’s more, you can also use it in your desserts!