Ground Barley for Moka

Ingredients: Hulled barley
Format: 500g Box
EAN Code: 8007100044608

We have always offered you the best ways to enjoy the uniqueness of our 100% Italian Barley. If you would like to taste it in a whole new way, there is our Ground Barley for Moka. It is made with a particular variety of barley (Hulled Barley), unique because it naturally loses the external hull, which allows us to use only its heart, rich in aromas and properties.

  • Ideal for use in a moka (stove top coffee maker)
  • Created with Italian hulled barley
  • Naturally caffeine free


Would you like to try the unique flavour of our Ground Barley for Moka?
It is very easy to do so.

For a moka (stove top coffee maker): use as normal coffee but only half fill the filter.

For a French press cafetière: Put 1 tablespoon of barley for every cup required into the filter.

For an espresso machine: half fill the filter without pressing.